Dance Classes

Forget about what you might have learned in gym class!  Ken conducts fun and upbeat instructional dance classes at various times throughout the year.

It’s all about the MUSIC!  In addition to traditional country or bluegrass, almost all genres of music are incorporated in Square Dancing today, including rock, pop, country, oldies…you name it.  All the way from Otis Redding and Elvis…Brad Paisley and George Strait…to Lady GaGa and Maroon 5.

Learning Modern Western Square Dance is a great stress reliever and social outlet.  In addition to the music, there are numerous other perks.  It has been found to be beneficial to one’s spirit and health of our minds.  The movements in square dancing require the use of both sides of the human brain.  In other words, it’s a fantastic activity for the artistic and/ or analytical person.

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