Ken's Bio

Ken notes that his profession is not square dance caller, but rather entertainer.  Square dancing is the medium by which Ken accomplishes this.
Ken is a real entertainer who combines smooth and innovating choreography with his vocal talents.  Those that dance with him have a great time.  Ken's widespread appeal can be attributed to his distinctive styling (as well as his offbeat sense of humor). 
Ken has been featured at many festivals, weekends and conventions across the country.  He also reaches out to the public in exhibitions and in teaching lessons.  Ken maintains that one of his biggest thrills is from conducting "one night stands" introducing our great activity to people of all ages.
Ken calls through the A-2 level and is currently on staff at Chaparral Records.  He's also recorded on the 4-Bar-B/ Quadrille label.  Some of his hits include: 
Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine
Small, Small World
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Back In The Saddle Again
Streets Of Bakersfield
Livingston Saturday Night